One Thousand Miles: Following My Father’s WWII Footsteps

        One Thousand Miles is now available on Amazon. World War Two shaped Matt Matthews even though he was born twenty years after it ended. As a kid, he was afraid he’d have to do what his father did in the 106th Infantry Division in the Battle of the Bulge. As a young adult, he was afraid… Read more →

Breath: 52 reflections for those who care for the dying

About Breath Breath is a collection of reflections for those who care for the dying. It contains weekly meditations that uplift the spirits of any caregiver. It celebrates life as it contemplates mortality. From Chapter 1: The overhead speaker at a hospital sings. Its song is of life and death. It can rush staff to a stopped heart when calling… Read more →

Prairie Grown: Stories and Recipes from a South Dakota Hillside

From an organic farm in South Dakota comes a cookbook that encourages culinary enjoyment of  every season. Prairie Grown: Stories and Recipes from a South Dakota Hillside is a book that will nourish your soul and body. It sets the table with beautiful, nutritious dishes. Taste the vibrant colors and the rich cultivation of the prairie hillside. Buy the eBook or… Read more →

From Keeping the Faith in Education: Where Mind and Soul Meet by Margueya Novick

Teaching literature in an Orthodox Jewish school for girls as an Orthodox Jewish woman comes with a number of challenges.  Almost daily, I must convince students that a person’s word is worthy of analysis, in addition to God’s.  My students are committed to the Bible as absolute truth, leaving little regard for anything finite.  I also must encourage students to… Read more →

From Keeping the Faith in Education: The Magic of the Journey by Paul Nyberg

Teaching is about relationships. It is about extending your hand to a student, asking him or her to trust you and to come along on a journey. That is teaching. And as in all life, there are many relationships: forced, submissive, joyful, hurtful. The best of these relationships are built on trust, respect, communication, and love. Every teacher has their… Read more →

Keeping Faith in Rabbis: A Community Conversation on Rabbinical Education

A new book of essays from co-editors Rabbi Hayim Herring, Ph.D., and Ellie Roscher addresses investing in rabbis, trusting tradition, and embracing change. In an age when more and more American Jews outside of Orthodoxy feel distant from Judaism as a religion, we must ask, “How do we train our rabbis to lead us today?” Keeping Faith in Rabbis is… Read more →

Destined for Greatness: The Story of the 1968 Carbondale Terrier Football Team

Available Now on Amazon The year 1968 is burned into American history. For the players of Carbondale High School’s football team, 1968 was their season of destiny. It was the last undefeated season in the school’s history, and that team served as a launching pad for extraordinary careers and friendships. Destined for Greatness tracks this team through their remarkable season… Read more →

Angelika’s Journal: What You Can Do About Poverty and Homelessness

We’re going to have to move again. When I got home from school, an eviction notice was posted on the door. I don’t want to leave my school. Mama, why is this happening again? Angelika’s Journal is a resource for those who want to understand the impact of poverty on children. Each chapter starts with a journal entry from Angelika.… Read more →

Keeping the Faith in Education

Avenida Books’s latest book tackles problems in education from the angles of faith, hope, belief, and redemption. In a time when teachers are under attack, we chose to keep faith in teachers by giving them a place to tell the world why all of us should continue to believe in their soulful, worthy work. Keeping the Faith in Education is… Read more →