Interview with José Vilson

We were thrilled to have José Luis Vilson, educator, writer, and activist, contribute to Keeping the Faith in Education. We interviewed him to hear more about why he chose to be a part of the project. What does it mean to you to “keep faith in education”? It means that, despite the rather negative tenor about the state of education… Read more →

Caring Enough to Quit: A Teach for America Experience

Teach for America recruits intelligent, motivated new teachers, but what happens once they are in their placements? One of the essays in Keeping the Faith in Education takes us into one teacher’s experience as a first-year TFA corps member. Caring Enough to Quit by Abbi Heimach On a winter Monday morning, I found myself wondering how my life turned into… Read more →

A Coat Named Mr. Spot

Avenida’s latest book tackles two difficult issues: poverty and bullying. Author Beth Lindsay Templeton, inspired by her years of experience working closely with people living in poverty, wrote this children’s book to help parents answer questions about poverty. This is a children’s book for any parent who wants to help their children grow into a greater social consciousness and increase… Read more →

Keeping the Faith in Seminary

Religious life in America is changing rapidly. What does this changing landscape mean for seminary? Keeping the Faith in Seminary is a compilation of essays that address issues of theological formation and vocation for people who love God, the world and the church. Seminary graduates, professors and family members reflect on their experiences with humor, fondness, criticism, and, ultimately, hope… Read more →

The Outspokin’ Cyclist

For four years, readers of The Herald-Sun newspaper (Durham, NC) enjoyed Phillip Barron’s monthly columns on bicycling. The Outspokin’ Cyclist gathers some of the best columns together in one volume. With insights into cold-weather bike commuting, urban design, the spiritual solitude of solo mountain biking, and the philosophical problems with drug use in competitive sports, Barron’s columns offer glimpses into… Read more →

Fritz & Christine and Their Very Nervous Parents

Every parent wonders, sometimes with worry, how their kids will “turn out.” Fritz and Christine & Their Very Nervous Parents inspires children to reach and dream as much as it invites parents not to fret. As children, Fritz and Christine have been accompanied by their earnest parents’ simple prayer that they grow to be kind and employ their gifts in… Read more →

Briefly Romantic

Briefly Romantic is a collection of Romantic Poetry that cuts epic poems down to size. The collection gives new life to Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound, Byron’s Don Juan, and Keat’s Lamia. It’s a great collection for those who want a quick view into the works of three masters. For more thoughts on teaching Romantic poetry, including magnetic poetry games with words… Read more →