A Coat Named Mr. Spot

Avenida’s latest book tackles two difficult issues: poverty and bullying. Author Beth Lindsay Templeton, inspired by her years of experience working closely with people living in poverty, wrote this children’s book to help parents answer questions about poverty. This is a children’s book for any parent who wants to help their children grow into a greater social consciousness and increase their empathy and understanding toward their peers.

Questions such as “Why does my classmate smell funny?” indicate your child is noticing the socioeconomic differences between students. As a parent or grandparent, you may feel challenged to adequately and compassionately address your child’s questions. A Coat Named Mr. Spot along with the Parents’ Guide will assist you in developing and continuing a conversation for helping your child empathize with classmates who may live in poverty.

Praise for A Coat Named Mr. Spot:

“A community is only as strong as its ability to care for one another. A Coat Named Mr. Spot gives parents and grandparents the opportunity to talk about the importance of caring for and understanding differences in the people around us.”
–Dick Wilkerson, Board Chairman of United Way of Greenville, SC County and President (retired) Michelin North America

“As parents of an eight year old, this book gives us a platform to discuss the importance of empathy for those who may have different life circumstances than our daughter. This charming story is an excellent resource for anyone who hopes to open dialogue with young people to cultivate caring for and service to others.”
–Sean P. Hartness, VP Hartness International; Courtney Tollison Hartness, Ph.D Assistant Professor of History, Furman University

Author Beth Lindsay Templeton, Founder and CEO of Our Eyes Were Opened, Inc., a poverty education program, is a community activist, workshop leader and speaker, Presbyterian USA minister, consultant, and writer. For thirty years, she has interacted with people who are poor and marginalized, as well as with those who want to help people who have minimal resources. She is the author of Loving Our Neighbor: A Thoughtful Approach to Helping People in Poverty; Understanding Poverty in the Classroom: Changing Perceptions for Student Success; and Conversations on the Porch: Ancient Voices—Contemporary Wisdom. She and her husband have three married sons and
four grandchildren.

Illustrator Dana Thompson has illustrated books for Disney Press, Random House, and Scholastic. He has regularly contributed illustrations to Nick Jr. and Clubhouse magazine. He is married to Rayvena and is the father of Ethan and Suzanna.

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